7 steps to understand the universe on a new way

What this image means…. 7 times ?


The unknown entangled structure of the Pre-Big Bang start involves matter and anti-matter safely separated by organized memory energy, resembling a holographic mirror symmetry.

The unknown structure of a black hole mirrors the pre-Big Bang singularity, with separate circles for matter, dark matter, organized memory energy, dark energy, anti-matter, and dark anti-matter. These circles are enclosed within black holes, influencing the universe’s expansion through anti-gravity and the law of increasing entropy.

Anti-gravity, connected to anti-matter, drives the arrow of time and the expansion of the universe, contrasting with gravity’s role in facilitating evolution and complexity.

1 ) Matter and anti-matter must both have been present at the Big Bang. How were they safely stored ?      Both matter and anti-matter were present at the Big Bang, safely stored with a protective layer of organized memory energy separating them.

2 ) The speed of light must have been higher during inflation period. How does that relate to the current constant speed of light ?    The speed of light might have been higher during the inflation period, and this relates to the current constant speed of light, suggesting a dynamic nature.

3 ) At the Big Bang, anti-matter is largely destroyed.  Bohr’s atomic model has a positive nucleus surrounded by shells with negative electrons (chemical identity of molecules / organized energy). The outer shell of anti-matter has been swept away. What remains is Bohr’s atomic model as a residue of entangled logo image (above).

4 )  The quantum entanglement is a great mystery. It must have been there before the Big Bang (see image ; matter + and organised energy as an observer). After the Big Bang, quantum entanglement is a misunderstood property of nature. A counterclockwise mirror symmetry as you can see in the picture above (primal entanglement) and below S → N + ½  → → S → N – ½


5 ) The structure of a black hole is a mystery. A black hole is a large vacuum cleaner within the center of a galaxy. Equal does a galaxy expand evenly in all directions?    The structure of black holes involves an entrance for incoming matter and an exit for energy, maintaining even galaxy expansion through anti-gravity.

So there must be an entrance for incoming matter under violent curved gravity. There must also be an exit for energy for the galaxy/universe to spread out evenly in all directions. The space is made de-curved by anti – gravity .

6) The shape and location of dark matter and dark energy is a great mystery. The name dark matter / energy actually says it all and the behavior patterns of the galaxies already predict the dark matter / energy .              The location of dark matter/energy can be found in the bowels of a black hole ( see image structure of a black hole above )

7 )  The wave-particle duality , super position and the collapse of the wave function by an observer make the Q.M. even stranger. If you take the logo as below as a new frame of reference , everything becomes clear. Quantum mechanics’ mysteries, such as wave-particle duality and superposition, are clarified using an organized energy observer concept in a new frame of reference.

The organized energy ( the inbetween circle ) is the observer and the domain of the waves and time as a misunderstood phenomenon.       

The center circle is the domain of matter and space.          The world of very small (Q.M.) and very large; spacetime continium (Einstein) are entangled.            Without Observer / Organized Energy NO Q.M. and NO relativity.

First ………….              

The unknown entangled structure of the Pre Big Bang start

This is the schedule model of pre Big Bang period. Matter and anti-matter separated by a protection layer of organised memory energy ( history of the evolution of the universe )                                         In this schematic structure the hostile matter and the antimatter are safely separated from each other. The space and time dimensions are set to 0 and are therefore entangled.

The pre-natal forms of quarks / leptons and bosons are present in the circle of organized memory energy as a mother of the newly born standard model and consequently entangled as a primal source mother of quantum entanglement in free open space .

This schematic representation of the structure of our first source singularity seems to be a holographic  mirror symmetry. Matter mirrors itself to anti-matter through a mirror and in between  a protective shell of organized memory energy.                                                                       This holographic mirror symmetry looks like the immediate quantum entanglement of the Up and   Down spin and the super position within wave particle duality.


The unknown structure of a black hole 

This is the schedule model of the unknown structure of a black hole. Basically the same structure as the pre-Big Bang singularity. The holographic mirror symmetry returns to its first primal source to recharge and renew the organized memory energy.

A circle  in the center of the black hole with 1 ) Matter + and Dark Matter + /      2 ) a circle with organized memory energy + /_  and Dark Energy + /_ /         3 ) a circle with Anti Matter _  and Dark Anti-Matter _ safely away from the enemy positive matter .

The curious dark matter and dark energy are enclosed within the separate circles of the                   various black holes. Therefore, measuring instruments cannot directly measure the influence of dark matter and dark energy.                            We assume the presence of dark matter and energy to make models work.              Soon there will be a calculation that makes the presence of dark matter and energy plausible in the correct logical proportions ( see calculation on main page )

These proportions are apparently insane (95%) but through my calculation nevertheless explainable and logica .                 The blown away  and lost Anti Matter is safely stored and safely separated from Matter by the circle of organized memory energy next to the dark Anti Matter

The black holes are matter vacuum cleaners and at the same time they are the center of the various galaxies. Space is expanding evenly and accelerating towards  the future in all directions of the universe. That sounds contradictory.          1 ) The inner circle sucks positive matter into the inner circle of a black hole and pushes it by means of extreme gravity to 0 dimensions and to a very high information density.            2 ) The middle circle is the home of organized memory and dark energy.                   3 ) The outer ring of a black hole is the home of negative Anti Matter and Dark Anti Matter.

Cosmology talks about a mysterious vacuum energy. I give it the name of anti-gravity anchored and connected to Anti Matter.               Antigravity flows from the outside of a black hole back into the universe as a driver of the continuing expansion of the universe and as the driving motor of the law of increasing entropy.

The arrow of time is directed by anti-gravity and increasing entropy. The increase in disorder and decay makes evolution and the emergence of complexity rather difficult. It is a miracle that life was possible on Earth thanks to gravity.                    Gravity curves space to promote information density and facilitate evolution and complexity.                 Anti-gravity bends the space back to the path of least resistance. The thermodynamics are the engines of gravity (information density) anti-gravity bends the space back to the path of least resistance (expansion and forward arrow of time)