Why are there laws of nature ?

The existence of our present universe emerged from a state of perfect order, supersymmetry, before the chaotic Big Bang. In this schematic, matter and anti-matter, natural enemies, coexisted within the same space shielded by a protective layer of organized energy with memory for natural rules and constants.

During the Big Bang, anti-matter vanished beyond the observational horizon, pushed away near black holes, influencing anti-gravity, the time arrow, and the universe’s increasing expansion. Gravity, outside the standard model, counteracts destructive entropy, crucial for the emergence of evolution and complexity.

Mirror symmetry in quantum entanglement, where entangled particles exhibit opposite and mirrored behavior, reflects the primal source’s mirror symmetry between matter and anti-matter, separated by organized energy. The positive and negative charges within the primal source mirror matter and anti-matter and form the basis of supersymmetry distribution.

The primal source’s polarity, a genetic blueprint of the force field within the standard model, is universally present in nature’s rules of attraction and repulsion. The ring of memory energy serves as a storage space for the universe’s laws and constants, preventing premature destruction.

Organized energy, residing between matter and anti-matter, signifies the pre-Big Bang evolutionary time path. It represents the growth of complexity, leading to the correct alignment of fundamental laws of nature. Gravity, an extremely weak force, acts as a counterforce to the second law of thermodynamics, shrinking space and promoting organized energy concentration.

The strong nuclear force organizes atomic nuclei, while the electromagnetic force serves as a chemical identifier and facilitates light, a vital tool for observation and organic life. The weak nuclear force, responsible for nuclear decay, symbolizes decay and the end of organic life in a metaphysical sense.

Anti-gravity, originating from anti-matter, is the force behind mysterious vacuum energy, increasing space, and driving the forward arrow of time in alignment with the second law of thermodynamics. The existence of laws of nature is traced back to the primal source, a state devoid of time, space, or nature’s rules, where matter, anti-matter, and organized energy were intricately entwined. The organized energy, serving as a protective barrier, contains the evolutionary history and laws of the present universe.

Without the starting moment 0 you would never have been able to read this. After the supersymmetry ( perfect order above ) there was the total chaos of the Big Bang.

The schematic image above indicates that matter and anti-matter, which are each other’s enemies, once resided in the same space before the primal bang. These natural enemies are shielded by a protective layer of organized energy with a memory for natural rules, nature constants and laws.

During the Big Bang, the anti – matter disappeared beyond the observational horizon and pushed away near black holes. The anti-matter causes the anti-gravity force and the direction of the time arrow and the increasing expansion of the universe.

The force of gravity is outside the standard model (see also calculation diagrams later). It is extremely weak, but very important to counteract the very destructive increasing entropy. In the absence of gravity, the emergence of evolution and complexity could never have happened. The ever-increasing entropy could never yield organic evolution if space had not been curved by gravity.





Mirror symmetry ; counter clockwise

One of the great mysteries in physics is quantum entanglement. The spooky information transfer is opposite and mirrored to the start moment of impulse measurement ( see image left ). A kind of mirror symmetry situation with opposite polarization of entangled particles.
The mirror symmetry within primal source ( see image right ) between matter ++ and anti – matter – – is simular to entangled mirror symmetry between spin up and spin down ( left ). There was a protective entangled layer of organized energy between matter ++ and anti – matter – -. A kind of mirror symmetry between 2 opposite polarized poles of matter separated by the protective layer of organized energy ( mirror ) .

The ground state of the primal source (see image on the right) has a plus + and minus – orientation within the circle of the primal source. This ++ and – orientation can be traced back to matter and anti – matter mirror and is also clearly reflected in the force field of the standard model and in my calculation schemes further on.

The positive and negative charges are a guiding principle in the basic rules and laws of the universe. The polarity of the primal source (see image on the right) is universally present and permeates all nature’s rules and laws of attraction and repulsion. The polarity of the primal source is a genetic blueprint of the force field within the standard model and the primal basis of supersymmetry distribution; matter / memory energy / anti – matter.

The positive and negative charges of matter and anti-matter within the primordial circle are basically hostile. Fortunately separated by ring of memory energy otherwise the earth would never have existed. This ring of memory energy is the storage space of our present universe. Our current laws of nature and constants are stored in memory energy space.

The primal source situation (see image on the right) is a reflection of matter and anti-matter. Fortunately separated by ring / mirror of memory energy. The quantum entanglement of particles originates here. A positive matter particle has by means of a ring / mirror of memory energy a virtual entangled bond with a negatively polarized brother particle at a greater distance. Quantum entanglement was already there before the Big Bang.

The information density in the primal source is infinitely compact and instantaneous. The information transfer between entangled spin up and spin down is dimensionless and timeless instantaneously.
The laws of nature stored and written in the memory field of energy, vibration and interference and this memory field communicates dimensionless and timeless instantaneously via quantum entanglement.


Why are there laws of nature?

Primal source of the present universe. No time, no space, no nature rules or …..? Matter on the inside, anti – matter on the outside, and  organized energy in between, serving as a protective barrier to prevent premature destruction.

What does organized energy mean; nature’s laws have been written before the Big Bang. There was an  evolutionary time path before the Big Bang and last primordial source. It is an evolutionary process of growth of complexity and raise of organized energy to arrive at the correct alignment of the fundamental laws of nature.

The second law of increasing entropy creates increasing chaos and decay. A devastating counterforce to evolutionary progress. It is a wonder that growth of complexity is still possible within the second law of thermodynamics.

The extremely weak gravity is the counter force of the second law of thermodynamics to shrink space and promote concentration of organized energy.

The strong nuclear force ensures solid organization of the atomic nuclei. Its scope is very limited but strong enough for stable atomic nuclei.

The electromagnetic force is the chemical identifier and facilitates the light, the main tool of the observer and organic life. Without light, no time waves, no perception of relativity and no quantum probability.

The weak nuclear force is also an organizational carrier and also responsible for the nuclear decay of unstable atomic nuclei. In a metaphysical sense a synonym for decay or degeneration and the death of organic life.

The anti-gravity finds its orientation in the anti-matter. Nobody recognizes this force (mysterious vacuum energy), which has the function of increasing space , as an energy source for the second law of thermodynamics. The direction of the time arrow originates here and is thus directed forward to expanding space facilitated by anti-gravity.




Already evolution before the big bang !