What caused the Big Bang?

What caused the Big Bang?               What preceded the Big Bang?                How could matter and antimatter coexist in very small space?

This image is a kind of mirror symmetry with separated circles for matter ,organized energy and anti – matter . The organized energy circle serves as a protection circle from the hostile matter and anti-matter.

The same construction applies to the misunderstood Black Holes and the misunderstood Dark Matter in our universe. The Dark matter and the Dark anti-Matter are separated by a circle of Dark organized energy.

All misunderstood mysteries to make models consistent with the observations of telescopes and satellites. The highly successful standard model does not provide dark matter and dark energy, which provide the necessary ballast to successfully explain the motions of the galaxies.

The extremely successful quantum mechanics and relativity theory also cannot be reconciled into a common frame of reference.             In both successful theories, the observer play a crucial role. Without an observer there is no quantum indeterminacy and no entanglement.         Without an observer there is no relativity in space and time.



Here you also see a mirror symmetry in charge and rotation, which is inexplicable and misunderstood as a natural phenomenon. Quantum entanglement; a ghostly connection at a great distance and incompatible with the relativity theory.

The observer is inherently enclosed in the ring of organized energy as a protective layer between matter and anti-matter. The quantum entanglement is already present here in its purest form in a logical, but a new frame of reference for humanity.

The same mirror symmetry in the pre Big Bang singularity can be found later in the misunderstood structure of the Black holes and the mysterious Dark matter / Dark vacuum energy.

Black holes are most of the time the center and foundation of various galaxies.      Gravity cannons , as well as the source and location of the mysterious vacuum energy , which continues to accelerate the universe.       A kind of Anti-gravity related to the hidden and bound antimatter from before the Big Bang.

A Black Hole is on the inside a kind of valve with enormous suction power in the heart of a Black Hole ( Dark matter ) .             A circle in the middle with in Dark organized energy for separation and protection.                             On the outside of a Black hole is a circle of Dark anti-matter with a repulsive anti-gravity as the engine of the expansion of the universe.

Quantum mechanics is strange, like the Black holes are strange and incompatible with the theory of relativity.    A new approach / a new frame of reference unites Quantum Mechanics and Relativity and Philosophy.       Simplicity is the power of the real True.

Greetings Ruud Bakker

Speed of light natural brake during inflation 4.10*8 calculated / normal 3.10*8 derived !