Personality and spiritual behaviour

10.  Personality and spiritual behaviour
Apart from cultural factors, a person’s behaviour is also influenced by their personality. Some personality traits seem to be innate and cannot be changed. However, they can be reinforced or diminished by environmental factors.


Good and bad traits can be adjusted by stimulus and suppression, although they will never disappear entirely. Particularly in situations of conflict, when all inhibitions are abandoned, these traits can manifest themselves in their purest form.

Personality is the individual blueprint of the spirit’s personality. To some extent, children always seem to represent either or both parents in behaviour and personality. So these aspects are geneticspirally determined and inherited.

Some individuality, existing in addition to the inherited traits, can also be detected. This individuality can stem from a previous life. It is unique and coupled specifically to certain lives. It is a transferrable pattern of thinking that is not limited to a person’s life, but is taken on to a new life ,like karma.

The patterns of thought and lessons learnt from a previous life are deposited in memory, or in an imaginary number sequence, that is not affected by death’s finality. This kind of heredity surpasses the usual genetic transfer of data in nature, because it is conducted on a different level than purely biochemically.

A personality trait is passed on by both parents and inherited from previous lives, similar to influences from the environment and events in someone’s life. The last factor contains elements of learning and experience and thus constitutes a personal contribution.

Personality is a strong motivation by which received stimuli are emotionally charged in order to store them in the long-term memory. Selection of data based on culture and personality ensures numerous stimuli are merely noticed, whereas some important ones are adequately processed.

This selection mechanism reaffirms a person’s individuality permanently. This provides a person with the confidence to operate within their environment. Only strong new stimuli can cause disturbance and lead to new insights.

This affirmation of personality and culture deposits through living a routine life with a predictable course of events is not equally possible for all people. Every person is different (genotypically and phenotypically). Imbued karma contains a destiny and learning route that are different for every person.

It is a universal memory that leads to very diverse results. Diverse to such an extent that the given principles are hard to discern. Personality traits, both inherited and learned, are etched in neural networks. These deposits create patterns of thought that can be controlled and predicted.

Personality deposits serve as a means to select received stimuli, like programmed human behaviour and thinking.