The true nature of time

The true nature of time is the 4th dimension is connected to the three dimensions of space. Einstein placed time and space in a a reference framework of space and time in order to place the force of gravity and the curvature of the space and the light in the right context.

The light is both wave and particle, and is the fastest information carrier in the universe. Nothing can travel faster than light through space. An attempt to do so leads to infinite mass increase / gravity opposition for that particle. See evidence steps 5 and 6 in my book.
Without time the universe might have been stationary with clear limits to the universe. Time creates movement and dynamism into the universe. Without movement and dynamics within the spiritual tissue the opportunities to delelop more complex life forms and material atomic structure and evolution of organic atomic structures would have been considerably smaller.
The direction of time is moving forward .The universe is expanding in time in the same direction .The reason of this is grounded in the super symmetry equation; 3/3 = 1 + / 3 matter plus 1 + – / 3 Spirit plus 1 – / 3 anti-matter as a mirror equation E = MC2.

The time is connected with the component of the Spirit. The Spirit has the same moving direction as the flow of time and the same flow as the enlargement of the universe. The time is just as space part of the spiritual tisue; the so-called space – time continuum of Einstein. See evidence steps 1 and 2 in my book.

The characteristic forward moving arrow in the time has its origin in the anti matter component of the super symmetry equation. The moving forward arrow is grounded in the source of the antimatter component and anti-gravity force associated with the energy supplier dark energy.See Evidence step 1-4 in my book.

Gravity reduces the space as specialy in extreme situations like black holes; time will be delayed. The anti-gravity force increases the space and thus controls the direction of the timeline; from history here and now – to the future. The here and now is determined by the observer / Spirit. Without observer / Spirit no relativity and quantum measurement problem.

The time is at the quantum level a wave. A wave crosses the timeline on the point of here and now, by the Spirit perception. The timeline is for every individual ; personaly . Every person has his own space and timeline, relative to the other persons. Relativity in purest form.

Everyone his own time and space within the limits of the speed of light. In normal natural situations time and space are equal per person.That makes relativity on the speed of light weird. See step 6 of evidence in my book.

Time and space, the 5 forces of nature, the physical constants unfolded from the super symmetry equation; 3/3 = 1 + / 3 matter plus 1 + – / 3 Spirit plus 1 – / 3 anti-matter as a mirror equation E = MC2. See evidence steps 1 and 2 in my book.

Time is woven into the spiritual tissue together with space ; within a space – time continuum in a spiritual setting of spiritual growth and progress.Loaded with experience and history through a memory cocoon.