Einstein said gravity is not a force !

The misunderstood gravity in a different perspective. The true nature of gravity. I have unusual ideas.The gravity force is difficult to unify and does not fit the standard model.Gravitons have not been found yet. Gravity does not fit in with quantum mechanics. 95% of the universe ?? Dark matter ?? The relevant theories are rather incomplete. it’s time for something completely different.

A observing organised energy field distributed throughout the universe as a carrier of space and time facilitated by gravity and the atomic entanglement (E.P.R.) at the quantum level and a natural observing organised energy field .The big reason for gravity is its role as a carrier of space and time tisue and acting as an evolutionary engine by bending space ( smaller) to stimulate complexity and evolution .

The true nature of gravity is that gravity is the macro designer of the structure of the universe, which has become unimaginable huge yet ; after the compact beginning of the big bang. The force of gravity gets its expression by deformation of the space and time by the space – time continuum.

This tendency to distort the space and reduce space gives the observing organised energy field an opportunity to achieve its targeted drive of organizational growth. The gravity fits quite difficult in the – standard model (no gravitone detection) and fits quite difficult to quantum mechanics. The scientific results are endless.

Einstein said that gravity was not a force. It is the same as acceleration. Without large masses, no gravity and no acceleration. The acceleration is due to the curvature of space and time. The smaller mass is accelerated by the centrifugal tendency of matter around a larger mass. The smaller mass tends to escape from the vortex by following a straight line to the outside.

This tendency to escape through a straight line of centrifugal force produces acceleration. This acceleration is limited by the speed of light. Then there must be a relationship between gravity, acceleration, space – time and constant speed of light.

Gravity is misunderstood at the atomic level and cannot be linked to quantum mechanics (wave – particle duality). Gravity is a macro designer and curves the space to facilitate the organization and concentration of life forms (organic and inorganic molecules). In its most extreme form, gravity is a black hole, which can usually be found in the center of a galaxy.

As a carrier and foundation of the galaxy and vortex, a black hole is the most extreme form of gravity. The world of very large structures (star clusters – systems) can also be found in the very small world of the atom ( mirror symmetry large to small ).

A galaxy on a large scale is very similar to the atom in the small. The electrons float in wave-like orbits around an atomic nucleus with protons and neutrons. The strong and weak nuclear forces with positive charge attract the electrons (negatively charged) by means of layered circular shells of 2 – 8 – 16 – 32 electrons.

The space is curved by the positive attraction of the atomic nucleus (very short range) and the positive gravity (very weak), but still manifest by very small space (atom). The force of gravity, on the other hand, decreases proportionally with increasing distance.


Together, strong and weak nuclear forces are positively charged and with the positively charged gravity just strong enough to bind negatively charged electron shells to themselves. Electrons emit photons during chemical and physical interaction to build bridges to the outside world (molecular bonding and physical collisions). The shooting of photons is facilitated by negatively charged anti-gravity.

You read that right. There are 2 types of gravity; positively charged and space curving (increasing concentration and evolution) in addition to negatively charged anti-gravity; space back – curving and increasing space (energy source of law of increasing entropy and carrier of force for the increasingly expanding universe structures.

The adjustment of these complementary gravitational forces is made by the cosmological constant. The anti-gravity (based on anti-matter) is fractionally larger than our “known” gravity. This fractional difference ensures permanent expansion of the universe and the non-collapse of atomic particles. Two complementary gravitational forces with different loads + and – and with opposite operations.

From the supersymmetry equation 3/3 Energy = 1/3 matter + 1/3 Spirit + 1/3 anti-matter and the precursor of E = MC2. A new nature force to be appointed; the anti – gravity as the replacement for the mysterious vacuum energy. The appearance of anti-gravity from my supersymmetry equation immediately provides an adequate explanation for inflationary expansion.

It is a misfit between the known five natural forces; Gravity (macro designer galaxy) / strong nuclear force / weak nuclear force and electromagnetic force (all three micro-molecular- oriented) and the anti-gravity (macro designer universe). There are 5 instead of 4 forces. Remarkable, but it‘s true. Further on a statement.

The gravity force is macro designer through observing organised energy field . That sounds woolly and not scientific. Yet there are good reasons to embrace this hypothesis. Gravity is the most difficult power to explain, mentioned in our universe. It does not fit with the standard model and not with the quantum mechanical description of our molecular world.

The gravitons as power carrier (boson) have never been shown up in trials particles. Newton describes the classic mechanical strength as a force on distance. While Einstein places gravity in a framework of space — time , with light featuring a constant speed as an observer; required to observe the universe.

The observing organised energy field  causes relativity by his perception. While the same observer distorts a wave – particle duality by his perception. This observing organised energy field is part of the systems in the macro and micro universe. Our reductional foundation of our science system has delivered much success and knowledge about the structure of the universe and the origin of life by evolution here on earth. But 95 % of the universe is ??

Cosmology / astrophysics nevertheless has to solve very big problems. The gravity force does not fit into the standard model and quantum mechanics and thus is still not well understood. The facts as 95% of the whole universe is a big question mark. This 95% is filled with unexplained undetectable dark matter and dark energy. it commands humility and out of the box thinking.

Gravity as a macro designer through observing organised energy field  is an attempt to create a bearing connection between macro world of larger molecular forms / systems objects and the micro-world at the atomic quantum level (cocoon as information / memory carrier)

This observing organised energy field is also an appropriate framework  for the incredible entanglement of atomic particle at large distances from each other (E.P.R. experiment atomic entanglement). Verlinden his information universe is a challenging metaphor.

Gravity is executor of the specific contract to allow organic growth of matter structures. The force of gravity is directed to reduce the size of the space. This making smaller of the 1 space , significantly increases the opportunity to achieve greater complex organizational structures (counterforce law of increasing entropy).

The force of gravity is manifested in a gravitational spiritual field which spans the whole universe. Concentrations of matter and, therefore, the spiritual envelope / tissue condense the space facilitated by the force of gravity. Becoming points / coordinates in space / on the spiritual field / tissue.

A good personal concentration in archery for example increases a hit significantly. This for example for the interrelationship with in the observing organised energy field with in the ordinariness of our lives. The observing organised energy field is present on quantum / atomic / universe level and present in our immediate environment. Everywhere the observing organised energy field organises progress (evolution) and influence to improve cooperation and organization into the universe.

The greater the observing organised energy field , the greater the force of gravity guidance. The greater the chance to hit the right place. A black hole is the ultimate carrier concentration and, as such, the ultimate foundation as the center of a galaxy.