Gravity – Relativity – Anti Gravity united

start-univers5.    Relativity

Next to gravity, which is particle oriented and hence space oriented, there is anti gravity, which is wave and time oriented. By means of photons they render a complementary force field that causes the universe and the phenomenon of time (wave oriented) to expand continuously.

The slight surplus value of collapse and expansion can be explained by the slight difference between matter and antimatter during the big bang. No surplus value in gravity means collapse. The negative charge of anti gravity (wave/time oriented) and macro gravity (space oriented) corresponds to the wave/particle duality, where wave energy is time oriented and particles are mass/matter and space oriented.

In the transgression to space/time and particle/wave duality, the spirit finds its expression as a cocoon of matter. Matter and antimatter are separated to bring about evolution and order. When space/time and particle/wave blend, the above mentioned complementary forces blend and lose their dimensions.

During this space less and timeless transgression, information (spirit) can do its evolutionary and structuring work within the uncertainty principle of the wave/particle duality. The information is managed through wave and interference holograms.