non – locality – Spiritual connected


6.    Non-locality – Spirit Connected with Space Time – E.P.R

The E.P.R experiment was held to show that two particles that are sent in opposite directions can no longer exchange information, because of the large distance created between them. The result showed that when one particle was measured, the spinning condition of the other particle could be reliably predicted.

Their mutual starting point and consecutive distance did not prevent them from exchanging information, which happens faster than the speed of light. This is typically and relatively impossible. As a carrier of information, the spirit is matter symmetrical. But it has no physical limitations as to space and time.

It functions as a non local and local carrier of information, not bound by limitations of relativity, physical constants and laws, although it is part of these things through its trinity of matter – spirit – antimatter. The first particle measurement of the spirit condition is shared with the second pair particle with a reverse spin.

The spirit condition is shared and carried by both particles, despite the distance between them. The spirit being a cocoon and carrier of memory explains the fact that in the E.P.R experiment the separate spinning particles show predictable behavior despite the sometimes immeasurable distances between these originally similar particles.

As a cocoon and carrier of memory and structure, the spirit offers a plausible explanation why two particles know what their spinning situation to each other should be, even at a great distance. A wondrous amalgamation of nature at micro and macro level.

Einstein would have said: God does not gamble in order to get a grip on an incomplete deterministic view of statistic realities of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle within quantum mechanics.