What is the meaning of life

Everything is energy – connected – flowing – E = MC2.

All of my life (1960) an overall sense of purpose dances through my mind. Despite my busy existence as an entrepreneur, I always found time to think about this and read about it. I have extensively studied and analyzed the world religions and cosmology. Searching for logical connections between nature and paranormal ( spiritual retirement and near death experiences) and spiritual phenomena.

These now extraordinary phenomena give a glimpse of a deeper invisible layer in our current limited material reality. Man has lost his real contact with nature. Nature and the environment on earth are being overloaded. The separation between body and mind, which the exact sciences use as a frame of mind, is too limited for me. A lot of reading and thinking eventually led to a book; The World according to the Spirit.

What is the meaning of life?

Without the big bang we could never have asked the question . At the first start all the seeds of being must have been present for the big question of being. It is assumed that nothing could have been present before the big bang. The laws of nature were immediately correct.

Just the fact that in the primordial super symmetry matter – anti-matter could have coexisted is very unreal. There must have been something in between to protect matter and anti-matter against each other. My idea here is a spiritual field / tissue that encloses matter and helps shape matter. The laws of nature and constants are closely related.

They are precisely matched. A very small deviation from the necessary nature constants had already ruled out organic life. The work of a brilliant creator / God ?                                                                      My idea is that there was already evolution before the big bang. The last big bang of 14 billion years ago was just good enough to last. The observing organised energy field is the invisible carrier of the order and organization of the universe.

The mystics have known it for centuries. Everything is connected to everything – everything is energy and flows. The exact sciences reduce everything to visible and measurable elements. The really big connection between everything in life – universe – being questions is not recognized.

What goes wrong then?

The main law of thermo dynamics is that everything decays into disorder and chaos. A highly binding natural law that by definition excludes and blocks evolution. After the supersymmetry (made possible by spiritual field / tissue ), which preceded the big bang, everything would have disintegrated.

After the supersymmetry (made possible by  observing organised energy field , which preceded the big bang, everything would have disintegrated. The space quickly grew (inflation period) mega large.The chances of atomic and cellular organization declined exponentially rapidly as space increased. The “extraordinary” gravity is the only hope for concentration and organizational growth.

Gravity is the least understood force of all. Gravity does not fit into the extremely successful standard model and does not fit into the extremely successful quantum mechanical description of the world at the smallest atomic level.  


Not unimportant in this case ; without an conscious observer no relativity and no wave particle duality. The reference framework of current science is wrong and incomplete.

What could be better than?

An holistic approach towards nature description with room for a spiritual dimension at all levels for nature description and questions of being. A broader perspective to view the world at all and to collaborate sustainably with the world of nature and the environment.                                               Who does well – meets well. Treat your fellow person / environment the way you want to be treated yourself.

The realization that we are here on earth to transcend the limitations of ( non-) living matter through spiritual enrichment. The current universe is very sloppy. 70% is dark energy and 25% is dark matter. The remaining poor 5% is the source of organized life. 95% of all the matter / energy in our universe is a question mark. That requires modesty of our current science and a much larger frame of reference and world view.

Our mission in life is to go beyond the limitations of current scientific thinking through spiritual enrichment and to live together with our living environment on a much higher level and ultimately to resolve it into nothingness / Nirvana through spiritual cleansing through a black hole.

Everything is energy – connected – flowing – E = MC2.