Anti-gravity is part of organised energy field

The true nature of antigravity
The true nature of antigravity is originally derived from the pre – big bang supersymmetry equation 3/3 = 1 + / 3 matter plus 1 + – / 3 Spirit plus 1 – / 3 anti-matter. The equation E = MC 2 is curious enough to trace back to the evidence calculations. See the calculation steps 1-4 in my book, in which supersymmetry is broken under number 1 (start of the Big Bang). Under number 2 the five forces of nature ; + gravity, electromagnetic force + -, weak nuclear force + -, strong nuclear force + – and antigravity – unfolded out of the supersymmetry.


The space and time dimensions also unfolded out of the big bang and out of the super symmetry equation. The extra boost of energy to the inflation period is provided by the 5 th. power ; the anti-gravity which has its origins in the antimatter component of the super symmetry equation.

The vast majority of matter and anti-matter were largely destroyed. The residues are found in the 70, 66% dark energy and the 28% baryonic and non-baryonic matter, stored near the black holes. Dark energy is the energy supplier of anti-gravity force.

The antigravity – has got another charge than gravity + because of the link with anti-matter with in the supersymmetry equation. Contrary to the force of gravity + increases the anti-gravity the space. The anti-gravity is the driving force behind the ever-expanding universe.

The very few remaining particles of matter 1, 33% from the big bang explosion has continued to spread all over the growing universe. The temperature has now dropped to just above absolute zero. The anti-gravity works the same direction as the law of increasing entropy and decreasing degree of organization.

The critical turnaround point at the big bang was the value of the cosmological constant, which is derived from the breakdown of the five forces of nature from the above equation supersymmetry ; + 1/3 gravity plus 2 + – / 6 electromagnetic force plus 2 + – / 12 weak nuclear force plus 2 + – / 12 strong nuclear force and the 1 – / 3 antigravity.

Together these charges 4/3. This forms the basis for the cosmological constant 1.33 and provides a theoretical explanation for the existence of the inflation period after the big bang.

This 1.33 cosmological constant also has a striking link with the measured value of the Higgs particle 133 and the positive curved space index omega 1.33. These striking figures agreements strengthen me in my opinion that my chosen principles in the pre big bang supersymmetry equation are the right ones.