The world of science reborn

The world according to the Spirit aims to unite the spirit with the material and physical world of science and cosmology. The central theme lies in the trinity of matter – spirit – antimatter being the original start of the universe. Questions asked on my website/weblog:           are answered in this book. This concerns questions like:     What is the reason for the Big Bang?      Curious about the relation between spirit and matter?       Searching for the meaning of life?       How are different cosmic constants related?        What is the relation between space-time – spirit and the distribution of micro and macro matter throughout the universe?

Trying to find a unique unification theory?

This book contains essays and analyses on politics, religion, science, physics, medicine, quantum mechanics, philosophy, meta physics, aesthetics, evolution, the meaning of life and much more.

The world according to the spirit offers new and original answers to various aspects of life and thought. It aims to renew human thought and behaviour and to offer solutions to the significant problems faced by humanity and the environment on earth.