The true nature of black holes

Gravity is causing space time bending . Gravity stimulates complexity and organised energy field… despite the law of increasing entropy…Gravity is counter force increasing entropy. Most of the gravity waves are to be found near black holes, storage spaces for dark anti-matter – dark energy – dark matter (see logos
Anti-gravity is the driving force behind the law of increasing entropy. The anti-gravity (vacuum energy) expands the universe by anti gravity waves from the center of a black hole – situated in  the center of a galaxy.
Anti-gravity is de driving force behind the arrow of time. Time is a wave.

The true nature of black holes is that they carry within themselves the ultimate curvature of gravity. Black holes are like a mega heavy singularity ; a carrier structure of the various galaxies. A black hole is a remnant of a collapsed star under its own gravity by the loss of pressure energy (burnt-star residues).

Thanks to the very strong gravity, black holes are quickly rotating, very hot and have an infinite close curved space. Even the extremely fast light can not escape from it. Light is both wave and particle as is evident from interference tests.

The Big Bang was a singularity. Black holes are the same and they form the foundation of a galaxy. In a black hole ; the gravitational force is so strong and the space is so compact small , that there should be some kind of quantum gravity. ……..A good theoretical description has not been found yet and is not to be found in my opinion …. Cause,the organised energy field is the gravity carrier and also the carrier of the entanglement of particles.

The gravity by Newton is framed as a force at distance in a classic way. While Einstein places gravity in a framework of space – time, with light ; featuring a constant speed , as an observer; required to observe the universe.

The observer / organised energy field causes relativity by his perception. While the same observer distorts a wave – particle duality by his perception. This observer / organised energy field is part of the systems in the macro and micro universe.      Our reductional foundation of our science system has delivered much success and knowledge about the structure of the universe and the origin of life by evolution here on earth.       But 95 % of the universe is a big question ??

Gravity , as a macro designer through organised energy field (organic web), is an attempt to create a bearing connection between macro world of larger molecular forms / system or living objects and the micro-world at the atomic quantum level (cocoon as information / memory carrier)

This  micro ( cocoon ) / macro ( organised energy field ) is also an appropriate framework for the incredible entanglement of atomic particle at large distances from each other (E.P.R.experiment atomic entanglement)Verlinden his information universe is a challenging metaphor.

The organised energy field will ensure that residual matter / anti-matter and 28 % dark matter and 70.66% dark energy will be separated from each other.In the center of a galaxy a black holes is the foundation of a whole galaxy. The ultra-curved space within a black hole is formed by organised energy field ( as a cocoon / shell of all matter) part of the whole universe.

The organised energy field (time and dimensionless) is the bearer of the structure and the universal memory of the universe. The dark matter is dark because they are encapsulated by the organised energy field nearby and within the black holes. ( see logo ) Dark energy is dark because they encapsulated by the organised energy field of nearby the black holes.

Meanwhile dark energy is the energy source of anti-gravity that explaines our expanding universe. Anti gravity drives the arrow of time. Time is a wave. The universe is expanding equal in all directions and ….therefore the power and energy to expand      must come from the center of a galaxy     nearby a black hole.

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