Righteous boundless durability

The whole world hopes that the problem of climate change will disappear itself . The price of the environment with massive consumption and sloppy production is not paid by consumers and producers. The government taxes are too focused on labor and too little on capital.

The total capital of money is increasingly distributed unevenly. The middle and lower classes pay the bill.  Business is spared and pampered . The environment belongs to everyone and nobody . The width of the tax base should be extended with intelligent environmental taxes.

Border-crossing pollution such as fuel for aircraft’s and large ships with excise taxes for the benefit of the United Nations. Border- crossing data transmission and data storage with a digi-tax serving the United Nations because of the high energy consumption.                                                                         A sort of VAT tax based on added CO2 to influence neutral world-wide competition and  neutrally funding of the United Nations.

Advantage 1) another neutral financing of the United Nations and no global competition disruption and climate profit.

Advantage 2) large rich energy consumers get a credible invoice.

Advantage 3) the national governments will be given additional opportunities to expand their tax base locally to a fair and sustainable distribution of their national income.

Advantage 4) the excessively advanced globalization with too cheap transport is limited by advantages of local consumption and production.

Sounds simple. So, for a better, fairer and more sustainable world.