Extra speed of light in inflation period 4∙10*8 m/s ?

This image is a situation sketch of the pre Big Bang period. The natural opposites of matter and anti matter are safely separated by a ring of organized energy. After the supersymmetry ( perfect order above ) there was the total chaos of the Big Bang.

The schematic image above indicates that matter and anti-matter, which are each other’s enemies, once resided in the same space before the primal bang. These natural enemies are shielded by a protective layer of organized energy with a memory for natural rules, nature constants and laws.

During the Big Bang, the anti – matter disappeared beyond the observational horizon and pushed away near black holes. The anti-matter causes the anti-gravity force and the direction of the time arrow and the increasing expansion of the universe.

The force of gravity is outside the standard model (see also calculation diagrams later). It is extremely weak, but very important to counteract the very destructive increasing entropy. In the absence of gravity, the emergence of evolution and complexity could never have happened. The ever-increasing entropy could never yield organic evolution if space had not been curved by gravity.




Stephen Hawking envisioned that the Big Bang could be described as an inverted black hole.