E = MC2 – paranormal actions – quantum behavior

Scientists steer well clear from this subject. It is all too vague, experiences cannot be verified, it involves frauds and swindlers and, what is more, it cannot be researched by tested scientific methods. All in all quite a challenge to discuss it while remaining credible.

Nevertheless I rise to this challenge, because the spirit is all-encompassing. Paranormal matters do not follow natural laws and consequently they are not accepted by scientists.

The paranormal phenomena that I know of, telekinesis, clairvoyance, aura reading, magnetism, out-of-body experiences, levitation, fire-walking, and mindreading, all share a common principle: they involve a specific kind of awareness which is open to process paranormal information while the acquisition of information through the senses and the brain is pushed into the background.

The threshold to make these observations is higher when we use our so-called ‘sixth sense’. It is described as a state of trance. For most people it requires a deep concentration to be able to observe the environment with their sixth sense. Few people possess obvious paranormal qualities and their threshold to be paranormally active is much lower. They can even have paranormal experiences spontaneously, in daily life.

These people accept paranormal activities as a normal part of their life, showing them that there is more to reality than can be objectively observed. The material side of the world can be laid down in natural laws and its observations can be corroborated.

As a memory and identity cocoon, encompassing all micro and macro structures of matter and their mutual exchanges of power, the spirit has dimensions nor time, but is omnipresent. A structure of matter also has a structure of spirit and a template. They are both dependent on and independent from each other (dimensionless and timeless): a contradiction in terms. Just as complex as quantum mechanics.






The world of quantum mechanics, like the spiritual world, is not clearly visible. In the paranormal world, extraordinary things happen, which also applies to the ultra-small quantum world with its wave – particle duality, collapsing wave function by observation and entanglement of particle pairs over great distances.

Almost insane and incompatible with Einstein’s other hugely successful theory; the theory of relativity. The two groundbreaking theories date back to the early 1900s. Until now, they have stood in each other’s way for unification.

There is no bridge between the quantum and space-time world. An “interspace” does not yet exist mathematically and physically. The observer plays a crucial role in both the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Without an observer no measurement problem, no collapse wave function and no quantum entanglement and no space – time continuum. ( Implicate and explicate order Q.M. by David Bohm. )

Space – time becomes relative by the observer! The key to unlocking the “interspace” lies in the spiritual dimension of matter, carrier of the identity and memory of nature’s laws.

Number 6 , three columns” in – between / meso worldand scene of the paranormal phenomena

At the micro and quantum level, particles are expressed in macro space.   See number 6 , first colomn

The Spirit is expressed on a micro level in an unlocking cocoon of memory and identity. At the macro level, Spirit materializes as electrons / light; the chemical characteristic carriers of atoms and molecules.    See number 6 , second colomn

At the micro level, the wave is part of the wave-particle duality. Everything is both wave and particle depending on the observer.    See number 6 , third colomn.  The wave is an expression of the time arrow on a macro level.     See number 7 ,The source of time.

In the “in-between world” between wave and time are history – the present – and the future. The spiritual “in-between world” is the opening up of the quantum mechanical micro world and the relativistic macro world of space and time.


Everything is energy, everything flows and is connected as mystics perceive and interpret it. A different way of looking at the reality of the micro world and macro world. Another frame of reference; more holistic instead of reductionistic.

The great theories are very successful, but they cannot be unified. The bridge of the “in-between world” has been missing for more than 100 years. Time for a different approach! 

See number 5, below supersymmetry prior to the Big Bang

The “in-between world” is also the world of the spiritual and the paranormal phenomena. The paranormal phenomena are denied and ignored as manifestation confirmation of the spiritual world.  See number 6 , all the three columns .

The laws of nature and constants are a result of evolutionary processes and symmetry refractions. They are together a piece of memory and identity with a common foundation. (see number 5 , above supersymmetry Energy 3/3 = 1/3 + Matter + 1/3 + – Spirit + 1/3 –).

The constants of nature are of crucial importance for the development of organic and conscious life and must be precisely adjusted.    See number 8 , below

The slightest deviation from important nature constant for gravity and Planck length would result in great chaos. You would think the hand of a Supreme being / God right away. I choose for an eternal evolution by means of self-learning bigbang series. There had been evolutionary progress before the last big bang of 14 billion years ago.

What are the parallels between the before mentioned “in-between world” and paranormal phenomena such as disembodiment, aura, retrocognition, viewing, materializing and predicting the future.     See Picture 6 ,  above  “in-between world” and scene of the paranormal phenomena.

Due to its universal presence (spiritual field /retrocognition) as a memory and identity carrier, the Spirit can intervene everywhere, without time and place restrictions, in reality as we see it.

Through cocoon and memory, Spirit can intervene in reality at the quantum level (wave – particle duality, collapsing wave function and quantum entanglement). The laws of nature have a mathematical and physical description via formulas, but are in essence a piece of memory or repetition of history.

Similar morphogenetic resonance ( Rupert Sheldrake ). In the spiritual “in-between world”, a flux of spiritual energy and information can intervene in natural laws and logic (telekinesis, levitation , materialization ,  retrocognition and spontaneous healing).

Through a flux of spiritual energy and information, escape can take place from time and space continuum (by means of disembodiment, viewing). The chains of cause and effect can be broken by a flux of spiritual energy and information in the “in-between world”.  See number 6 ,  above ” in – between / meso world ” and scene of the paranormal phenomena.

Quantum mechanics are most amazing through quantum entanglement. Particles being connected at great distances in time and space orientation without transferring information faster than light!





Nothing can go faster than the light except time and dimensionless spiritual connection. Particle A with spin UP 1/2 – and particle B with spin DOWN 1/2 + knowing immediately about each other’s behavior (spiritual connection). “God does not play dice” ( Einstein ).

Then where does that spiritual connection come from?

The connectedness has always existed before the big bang. In the supersymmetry, matter and anti – matter were separated from each other by the separation blanket of the Spirit as a cocoon.

Without this separation blanket, the original basic singularity would be completely unstable and would always explode prematurely. The spiritual connection is timeless and spaceless and therefore universal.              Like the symbol of Yin Yang for instance .

Due to the charge difference matter + ( positive ) and anti- matter – ( negative ) the spin number is positive and the duo partner spin number is negative. The spatial orientation of spin rotation upwards is mirrored with the duo partner downwards.

The wonderful world of quantum entanglement is a direct result of supersymmetry and the following last big bang 14 billion years ago.              See picture number  1 ,  above.

Everything is connected – everything is energy – everything flows. Paranormal phenomena can be explained. Unification is possible with quantum – relativity – spirituality.