The big bang re-invented and rewritten

cropped-cropped-Kopie-van-CMB_Timeline300_no_WMAP1.jpgIntroduction of the most important chapters of the book with convincing and proved evidence and the reinterpretation of the famous: E = m*c2

The big bang is the most important idea in cosmology now a days. According to experts, nothing is known about the pre-big bang period. There were no natural laws and nothing like time, light, and space had yet emerged in the original singularity. A fraction after the big bang, physical agents came into being, as well as the factors of time, light and space in a gigantic hot energy sea. Temperatures quickly began to drop. The energy sea was then able to ‘freeze’ or condense to form matter. The above-mentioned natural laws were already existent in the original singularity, albeit unable to manifest themselves without time, light, and space.

The world and the universe are not created by God.The Spirit is the motor of the big bang and evolution of matter and live.

This is a total new approach of creation of live ,evolution and conscious,A more spiritual and meta physical approach, but the theory is mathematical based and based on empirically evidence by cosmological measurements about volume of dark matter and dark energy in addition to levels of hydrogen and helium. Interested? Read Chapter 35: Fundamental numerical proportions before, during, and after the Big Bang and Chapter 36: Correlation between physical agents – energy – mass – spirit of my book of my book The world according to the Spirit.

Original article with part of the complete evidence and distraction. 

Chapter 35

Fundamental numerical proportions before, during, and after the Big Bang 

The big bang is considered to be the very start of the universe. According to experts, nothing is known about the pre-big bang period. There were no natural laws and nothing like time, light, and space had yet emerged in the original singularity. A fraction after the big bang, physical agents came into being, as well as the factors of time, light and space in a gigantic hot energy sea. Temperatures quickly began to drop. The energy sea was then able to ‘freeze’ or condense to form matter. The above-mentioned natural laws were already existent in the original singularity, albeit unable to manifest themselves without time, light, and space.

The big bang, in my opinion, does not mark the absolute beginning of the universe. There were several explosions that – in the absence of the correct mix of physical agents and constants – imploded once more, richer by a learning experience. The pre-big bang situation represented a super symmetric numerical proportion of 1/3 matter, 1/spirit/memory, and 1/3 antimatter, in which the spirit factor, as a cocoon of all matter and antimatter, kept up the equilibrium of the balance. This is a precarious balance with an unbelievable amount of energy occupying an infinitesimally small space. In this incredibly small, high-energy environment, the wave-particles respectively the time-space continuum is permanent, without any static state. Any quantum fluctuation that is not adequately neutralized by the spirit factor serves as an initiator of the next big bang. This quantum fluctuation is a result of a conscious memory entity that causes the wave-particle duality to collapse outside the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, since the space is infinitesimally small.The spirit factor as a cocoon keeps the whole from bursting apart.

This conscious memory entity is part of the spirit as a learning and evolutionary motor in the context of the creation of a sustainable universe that has become sufficiently evolved and balanced so as to avoid the implosion that would ordinarily follow. After several cosmic explosions and learning moments, the spirit factor was balanced enough to cause the big bang 15 billion years ago. In the case of a big bang, an inconceivable amount of energy is released into space. If the mix of universal physical constants and physical agents is not sufficiently balanced, an implosion will follow. All matter, antimatter, and energy implodes again to its original singularity, once more with a super symmetry of 1/3 matter, 1/3 spirit, and 1/3 antimatter.

All waste products are reunited again in an infinitesimally small space, in which the original symmetry is recreated by unimaginably high pressure and heat. The definitive and sufficiently balanced big bang that occurred 15 billion years ago was not accompanied by an implosion. In the case of the fatal quantum fluctuation, the original singularity exploded.

When disrupting the super symmetry, matter gained the upper hand over antimatter and the spirit factor was sufficiently evolved to allow sustainable development with the correct mix and adjustment of universal physical constants and physical agents. Owing to the slight prevalence of matter over antimatter, an incredibly large amount of matter was destroyed and turned into degenerated dark matter, which accounts for the lion share of all matter and is part of the matter in the universe.

The slight prevalence of matter over antimatter (1% of 1%) is the primary component (the heavier, more complex molecules) of evolution. Energy and mass distribution yields one of the bizarre numerical proportions that ‘evidently’ entail completely illogical trash piles that – due to the ‘dark’ character – are difficult to discern and trace. Only 1% of all matter can be verifiably analyzed. Besides, this one percent also consists of 24% helium, 75% hydrogen and only 1% heavier, more complex molecules.

The remaining 99% are attributed to 33,33 % cosmological constant (a mysterious repulsive anti-gravity – antimatter-oriented factor) and 33,33% dark matter – including 24% with non baryonic – waste of leptons, W and Z bosons, and photons (waste products of matter controlled by weak nuclear energy, electromagnetic forces, and degenerated matter). The remaining 8% are a waste product of dark baryonic matter and, as such, a waste product of strong nuclear energy with degenerated quarks, hadrons, and mesons.

Yet, entering the evidently bizarre matter and energy trash piles into the famous Einstein equation E = MC2 places them in a logical relationship (see diagram). In my reinterpretation, Einstein’s energy = mass equivalent, with the square speed of light as a correction factor, covers a much wider spectrum (see diagram).

In the context of super symmetry, the pre-big bang numerical proportions of 1/3 matter, 1/3 spirit, and 1/3 antimatter are reflected by the equation E = MC2; energy (100%) = mass 1/3 + C2 (2/3). The energy 3/3 is represented by the 4 known physical agents (see diagram). The mass 1/3 by the known mass respectively matter (visible and dark matter). C2 represents 2/3, in which 1/3 are anti-gravity  and 1/3 antimatter remnant. The original pre-big bang cosmic ratio of 3x 1/3 is thus reflected in the original equation E = MC2 (see diagram).

The 1/3 matter is expressed in terms of particles (micro) and space (macro). The 1/3 spirit is expressed as a cocoon of all matter (micro) and as light irradiating all discernable matter (macro). The 1/3 antimatter is expressed as a wave function (micro) and time (history, memory) are expressed as macro expressions. The perfect trinity in the context of super symmetry dovetails with itself by the wave-particle duality (quantum mechanics) and the space-time continuum in accordance with relativity theory. The manifestation of perfect trinity culminates in the original cosmic equation E = MC2 (see diagram).

There is an elusive relation connecting quantum mechanics and relativity. Matter is frozen energy and manifests itself as particle in space. The spirit is a memory, heredity, and consciousness carrier of visual spiritual matter on a micro level; while the macro level is expressed by light, which may be a particle as well as a wave, despite the fact that light has no mass.

This is a contradiction in terms; light is a wave as well as a particle and without mass, virtually and actually detectable. Thus, spirit respectively light bridges the gap of the wave-particle duality in quantum mechanics and the space-time continuum / the curvature according to relativity theory.

The two inconceivable worlds of 1/3 matter and 1/3 antimatter may coexist through the spirit factor. There is no matter without energy. Without matter there is no space without spirit, no big bang, no evolution, and no long-term coexistence of matter and antimatter. Without light there is no discernable universe. Without antimatter there is no super symmetry. Without waves there is no duality and no energy flow. Without time there is no history, now or in the future, and no evolution.

All of these original cosmic components are interrelated and intertwined like a kind of Holy Trinity, which is fundamental to all life in our universe. The numerical proportions found in super symmetry and E = MC2 (see diagram) also pertain to time measurement (1/6, 1/12 part etc.) and a light speed of C2 equals approximately 3. It is not surprising, therefore, that organic conscious life forms have developed here on our planet with its 24-hour days. The numeric’s of our time on Earth (1/6 1/12 1/24) also pertain to the standard model of matter, with 6 types of quarks and 6 types of leptons. This is no coincidence but arises from the numerical proportions found in cosmic symmetry and E = MC2 (see diagram). A noticeable synchronicity.


Part of the total evidence and distraction :the numbers 1,2,3 ,4; ( Super symmetry + calculation of the current energy / matter distribution in the universe by reinterpretation of E = MC2  and 8 ; the distraction of cosmological constant and other important constants of nature are only available in the bookshop.


1,2,3 and 4 + 8 are only available in the bookshop.

Pagina 3

 Pagina 4

picture / diagram of evidence to be found within the book ; The world according to the Spirit

* The above-mentioned calculation and the pertinent evidence are part of a book; The world according to the spirit, deposited with Actus notarissen and lawyers by  R. M. Bakker Waarland August 12, 2007

Chapter 36

Correlation between physical agents – energy – mass – spirit

The E = MC2 equation is also reflected by the energy/force distribution. Gravity (1/3 of the energy) externally influences matter through gravitons (mass less), which is expressed as space. Gravity is the macro designer of the universe and emerged as the first physical agent after the big bang. Gravity influences the positive charge of matter. The strong nuclear energy (1/6 of the energy) affects the atomic nuclei and the heavier elementary baryonic particles. This energy has a considerable power across very small distances.

During the big bang, the strong nuclear energy emerged from the antimatter part as the second physical agent. The very strong attractive forces in a very small space (atomic nuclei) can only give rise to stable molecular nuclei if enough repulsive energy is left to prevent the collapse of these atomic nuclei. The repulsive function of anti-gravity and the spirit/cocoon buffer create stable atomic nuclei with a strong bond. The force-carrying gluons are mass less and manifest themselves as waves.

The baryonic elementary particles have a relatively large amount of mass/energy. The numbers and proportions of 6 particles – 6 antiparticles reflect the exact same numerical proportions as our time measurement in hours and days. A noticeable synchronicity.

The weak nuclear energy also has a background in the antimatter part (1/6 share of the energy). It is an exception in the context of the four physical agents. It is the only physical agent to act inside as well as outside the atomic nucleus. Its energy is focused on leptons (almost mass less elementary particles such as neutrinos, muons, and electrons). These particles are almost massless/energyless and therefore difficult to bind.

The force-carrying bosons W-W+Wo – being the only force carriers – are very much inoperative and this is remarkable. They are so very inoperative in order to generate a force to act on the almost mass less leptons.

The weak nuclear energy is the only force outside the P and T symmetry and this is equally astonishing. The weak nuclear energy is an exception in the context of the four physical agents and also with regard to the super symmetry of 1/3 matter, 1/3 spirit, and 1/3 antimatter. The weak nuclear energy is an exception due to the disruption of the symmetry and multiple-force expression (inside/outside the atomic nucleus) and, as such, a catalyst for the big bang.

The big bang started by quantum fluctuation in super symmetry (1/3 1/3 1/3) so that the fixed stable numerical proportion of 1/3 1/3 1/3 became unbalanced and exploded. During previous big bangs, the mass and the stored energy had once more imploded because the cosmic constants were not yet sufficiently fine-tuned and balanced to prevent implosion and to restore super symmetry.

During the last big bang, however, the universal physical constants were fine-tuned and sufficiently balanced; and the weak nuclear energy – due to symmetry disruption – was too strong a catalyst to cause the big bang to implode once more to restore super symmetry. The spirit factor as a cocoon of super symmetry; and all matter and antimatter is totally enveloped by it.

Both an internal and an external cocoon. The spirit factor is a consciousness carrier (identity carrier) and acts as a trigger to cause a big bang by matter-antimatter quantum fluctuation. The spirit factor is an evolution / growth consciousness containing in itself a progressive force, besides the harmony of super symmetry (1/3 1/3 1/3). In the context of this dilemma, various big bangs followed upon each other and imploded up until the last one, 14 million years ago, when it turned out that all natural constants were just sufficiently fine-tuned to prevent implosion and to evolve and give rise to a universe with wonderful nature, but also with a bizarre macro matter distribution (visible/dark matter).

The electromagnetic force, together with weak nuclear energy, was the last to emerge from the big bang. It originated from the 1/3 spirit factor in conjunction with super symmetry. The electromagnetic force is the (virtual) materialization of the spirit factor. The intermediary between wave and particle duality and the space-time continuum by wave of light and photons (real and virtual). In a chemical sense, the electromagnetic force is the identity carrier of the molecules (composed). At the smallest elementary level, the spirit is the identity carrier and cocoon.

On a somewhat ‘larger’ level, the electrons are shells enveloping the atomic nucleus. Through electromagnetic interaction, they allow the molecular bonding of atoms and thus the evolvement of matter. The electromagnetic force is carried by almost mass less electrons that – through photons – allow (real) virtual interaction/communication with external molecules.

On a micro/quantum level, light acts as a virtual bridge between the wave-particle duality; while on a ‘macro’ level; light bridges the gap between time and space. On a micro scale, the wave-particle duality plays the same role that the time-space continuum plays on a macro level. The light both particle and wave, mass as mass less, real as virtual is the intermediary in the framework of quantum wave-particle duality and the time-space continuum.

In which context antimatter – the carrier of weak and strong nuclear energy – is expressed as a wave and the wave is expressed as time. The spirit factor (the carrier of electromagnetic forces), in turn, is expressed by the virtual spirit cocoon as an identity and a memory carrier on a ‘micro’ level and on a ‘macro quantum’ level by virtual light. This can bridge the gap between wave and particle duality. On a ‘real’ level, electromagnetic light acts as a bridge between time-space in the four dimensions of the universe.

The spirit factor in super symmetry equals 1/3 and this numerical proportion is also reflected by the energy/force distribution of 1/3 of a total of four physical agents.

 Chapter 37

Correlation of big bang – macro matter/energy and micro matter/energy distribution

The macro matter/energy distribution (see diagram) reveals the cosmic/super symmetry of 1/3 matter, 1/3 spirit, and 1/3 antimatter, and the sequel of the big bang with 1/3 gravity, 1/3 electromagnetic forces, and 1/6 weak nuclear energy and 1/6 strong nuclear energy (raw material the antimatter). The big bang caused a large amount of energy and matter to degenerate.

The inconceivably large and disproportionately sloppy matter and energy distribution gives rise to an evidently bizarre and demented universe that merely raises more questions. The reinterpretation of E = MC2 with numerical proportions of 1/3 1/3 1/3, however, gives rise to an understandable energy and matter distribution (see diagram).

The macro matter distribution E (3/3) = M 1/3 C2 (2/3) affords a sensible C2 of 66,66%: 1/3 anti-gravity energy and 1/3 remnants antimatter. The M of mass 1/3 affords 1/12 8.33 % baric dark matter as a remnant of strong nuclear energy. The non-baric dark matter (8 %) consists of remnants of weak nuclear energy (1/6) -> 1/12 levorotatory leptons and levorotatory quarks. The dextrorotatory leptons and quarks are not exposed to any weak nuclear energy. The spin direction determines the force distribution in the atomic nuclei. The fact that dextrorotatory leptons and quarks do not experience any weak nuclear energy is a violation of P and T symmetry.

The remaining electromagnetic force 1/3 -> 1/6 non-baryonic dark matter (16.00%). Together this affords 24 % + 1 % visible matter (due to fragmentation / big bang super symmetry). The macro energy and matter distribution under M is somewhat less than 1/3 due to super symmetry failure. The 1% useful and evolvable matter is divided once more into mirror-symmetric numerical proportions of 75% hydrogen (66.66% + 8.33 baric dark matter) and 24% Helium (mirroring 24% non-baric dark matter) and the remaining 1% heavier, more complex matter.

The centre of gravity in the macro proportions of matter – energy – antimatter is at C2 (dark anti-gravity energy and remnants of antimatter (66.66%) and the large amount of dark matter under M (32.33%). Together, they account for 99% of the entire universe.

There was an evidently bizarre and demented waste of energy and matter during the big bang.

The micro mass proportions on an atomic level (1% of the entire energy and matter) show the same evidently bizarre mass differences on an elementary quarks and leptons level. The 1/12 and1/6 numerical proportions are reflected in the numbers of leptons and quarks (6-6 of 12-12, particle – antiparticle) and in the time system of hours, quarters, etc.

The pairs of quarks – up – down, charm – strange, top – bottom – reveal disproportionately large mass differences; which is also true of the leptons group (6-6). The third generation (from impact testing) remains by far the greatest challenge and the most difficult to detect.

In this case, too, the numerical mass proportions equal 99-1%. A mirror symmetry of 100% macro 99-1 to micro 1% 99-1%. The universe as a whole is evidently bizarre in its matter and energy distribution, in much the same way as the micro world, on an atomic level, is bizarre in its mass and energy distribution. Considering pre-big bang proportions (3x1/3) and E = MC2, however, they may be converted to understandable units, despite the bizarre numeric’s.


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