Time started before the big bang !

What was there before the big bang?

Nothing , no physics , no structure at all , Stephen Hawking said……….a black hole , a singularity ?  The big bang was a creation of God or a brilliant accident or …….??

In my opinion ; before the big bang there was a black hole with a perfect circle with a kind of ying and a yang distribution of matter and anti-matter.

But matter and anti-matter will always destroy each other?

What is it that anti-matter and matter do not destroy each other prematurely?

Something by accident or the hand of God or something completely different !!

Something completely different in my opinion …. a spiritual field or tissue. A spiritual field / tissue that provides the necessary separation between anti-matter and matter to ensure that the perfect circle does not collapse prematurely. At some point the circle exploded due to a quantum jump or a leak in the closure of the spiritual field / tissue.

The Big bang exploded and the circle of unity and super-symmetry was broken. Nothing became something and there was a lot of chaos but also the first seeds of order and organization into our univers.

So was there already something like order and organization? What is the source of this order and organization?


The spiritual field / tissue  has already manifested itself before the big bang as a memory carrier and engine of the already existing evolution before the big bang. The last big bang was not the first start of our universe. Evolution occurred long before the last big bang and evolution took place during various and several big bangs.

It is a learning process of trial and error to achieve better and better results. Evolution as we know it from Darwin get driven by a spiritual field / tissue. So there has always been evolution , until the last big bang was balanced enough to continue. This invisible spiritual field / tissue is a carrier of space and facilitates time and gravity.

Gravity causes that , despite the law of increasing entropy and chaos , space provides opportunities for curving and compressing the surface. To generate regions of order and complexity within an ever-expanding universe alongside regions of increasing entropy and chaos.

The  macro force of gravity does not fit into the framework of  the other forces of nature; the strong, the weak and the electromagnetic forces of nature, which act on a  micro quantum level.

Gravity was interwoven in the pre-big bang super symmetry as well as the anti-gravity. What are you saying now !!! Anti-gravity. Yes anti-gravity as a counterpart to gravity. The anti-gravity is of course connected with anti-matter which is largely destroyed by the big bang itself. With the big bang a lot of matter, energy and anti-matter has been destroyed and degenerated into dark matter and dark energy.

Dark energy is the motor of anti-gravity and the ever-expanding universe. Anti-gravity comes from the center of a galaxy. There is also a black hole there !! Extreme gravity and anti-gravity from the same source ??

The outside of a black hole is, in my opinion, a spiritual field / tissue. Serving as a permanent observer and responsible for the collapse of wave – particle duality. It is a new frame of reference for a lack of progress in cosmology and physics. The real breakthroughs in physics are back from 100 years. There is prolonged and serious stagnation in the attempts to unify physics ( relativity and QM ) and developing a correct model of cosmology.

Time for a total different approach of physics and the structure of the universe. What is on the outside of a black hole? Dark matter and dark energy! 95% of the big question mark of the univers; How does the universe work?

How do dark matter and dark energy get on to the outside of a black hole? ….. Due to the existence of anti-gravity, which bends the space back and because anti-gravity is slightly stronger than gravity which ensures the permanent expansion of the universe. A black hole is exactly in the middle of a galaxy. It consumes a exceptional amount of matter with unimaginable power. While at the same time and from the same place ; in the center of the galaxy , expansion of the universe takes place ??

A kind of valve (black hole) in the center of a galaxy causes strong contraction and expansion in the same place. !!! So there we find the missing 95% ( anti – / ) dark matter and energy of the universe.

Do you still know the situation of the pre big bang?  E 3/3 = 1/3 matter + 1/3 spiritual field / tissue + 1/3 anti – matter. The precursor of E = MC2 in super symmetry. Incredibly ; physics and spiritual life are intertwined.

An entirely new approach in addition to reductionism, which has brought us a lot, but has also ensured that relativity theory and quantum mechanics have been incompatible for more than 100 years.

Despite great advances in physics, there has been stagnation for a long time and unification is very far away.


A crisis in physics; gravity without gravitons. Gravity without the right mathematics to combine gravity with the constant expansion of the universe by anti-gravity. To link relativity with the very strange world of quantum mechanics !!

The observer holds the key of everything . Without an observer, no relativity and quantum uncertainty. The ghostly entanglement is perhaps the most mysterious aspect of quantum mechanics. Communication between particles at great distances which takes place immediately in time and space; NOW.

The moment of Now is the perception and aggregation of space / particle = time / wave. In the moment of Now, the micro (quantum) and macro (relativity) worlds comes together; space = time = Now = particle = wave through intervention by an subjective observer.

No quantum measurement problem and no quantum uncertainty in the moment of Now. Well then ghostly entanglement? The ghostly entanglement is carried by the universal spiritual field. An extra layer within our reality for people trying to understand our reality.

The spiritual field is a carrier of our history and a cocoon of all matter and energy. In the pre-big bang period, the spiritual field has safely separated matter from anti-matter. An imbalance between matter and anti-matter in the supersymmetry is the catalyst of the big bang.

Everything is energy – everything flows – everything is connected – through the spiritual field. Mystics have known that already for centuries. Science is stuck in a crisis and a limited frame of reference.

Time for different frontiers of human thinking !


Big Bang Theory

Fundamental numerical proportions before, during, and after the Big Bang

The big bang is considered to be the very start of the universe. According to experts, nothing is known about the pre-big bang period.

There were no natural laws and nothing like time, light, and space had yet emerged in the original singularity. A fraction after the big bang, physical agents came into being, as well as the factors of time, light and space in a gigantic hot energy sea.

Temperatures quickly began to drop. The energy sea was then able to ‘freeze’ or condense to form matter. The above-mentioned natural laws were already existent in the original singularity, albeit unable to manifest themselves without time, light, and space.

The big bang, in my opinion, does not mark the absolute beginning of the universe. There were several explosions that – in the absence of the correct mix of physical agents and constants – imploded once more, richer by a learning experience

The pre-big bang situation represented a super symmetric numerical proportion of 1/3 matter, 1/spirit/memory, and 1/3 antimatter, in which the spirit factor, as a cocoon of all matter and antimatter, kept up the equilibrium of the balance

This is a precarious balance with an unbelievable amount of energy occupying an infinitesimally small space. In this incredibly small, high-energy environment, the wave-particles respectively the time-space continuum is permanent, without any static state.

Any quantum fluctuation that is not adequately neutralized by the spirit factor serves as an initiator of the next big bang. This quantumt flucation is a result of a conscious memory entity that causes the wave-particle duality to collapse outside the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, since the space is infinitesimally small.The spirit factor as a cocoon keeps the whole from bursting apart.

This conscious memory entity is part of the spirit as a learning and evolutionary motor in the context of the creation of a sustainable universe that has become sufficiently evolved and balanced so as to avoid the implosion that would ordinarily follow.

After several cosmic explosions and learning moments, the spirit factor was balanced enough to cause the big bang 15 billion years ago. In the case of a big bang, an inconceivable amount of energy is released into space.

If the mix of universal physical constants and physical agents is not sufficiently balanced, an implosion will follow. All matter, antimatter, and energy implodes again to its original singularity, once more with a super symmetry of 1/3 matter, 1/3 spirit, and 1/3 antimatter.



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